Saturday, February 7, 2015

ABET Accreditation Alert: Engineering Accreditation Commission: Proposed Revisions to Criteria 3 and 5

Engineering Accreditation Commission:
Proposed Revisions to Criteria 3 and 5

EAC Alert: Proposed ABET Changes

ABET's Accreditation Alerts Summarize Important Changes in the Accreditation Criteria and Procedure Manual (APPM)

Requesting Feedback re: Proposed ABET Changes

ABET (EAC) is currently soliciting observations from its constituents. You can send us your comments on these potential revisions through this form.

ABET Cloud Based Assessment 

AEFIS is a Cloud Based Service that allows Engineering Departments at Major Universities the Ability to Capture, Analyze, Edit and Automate any and all information related to the ABET Accreditation Process - its web based, so its a simple low cost automated system that can be Accessed + edited - by any Authorized Person - Anywhere - at Any Time - on Any Device.  more info

Value: Cloud Based / Automated - ABET Assessment
It also eliminates the enormous inefficient use of time and money spent by the faculty and staff of most engineering colleges prepping for ABET Certification Audits more 

Increase Engineering Program - Performance
Automating the Assessment Process Frees Up significant time and resources amongst the Engineering Education Staff allowing you to reallocate the resources where they will provide your university with its greatest value + that is spent Improving the Engineering Program Curriculum as well as the performance of instruction and student learning.

Increase Rankings / Enrollment / Student Learning

The automation of the data analysis and reporting identifies improvements that can be made to key teaching and learning processes to quickly increase student learning performance + the ranking of Engineering Schools among similar universities that compete for the same student enrollments.

Interested in a "Pressure Free" - Look at ABET Assessment in the Cloud
- click here 


Aefis Headquarters
419 South 2nd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147

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