Monday, October 13, 2014

Postsecondary Education Outcome Measures: ED, DOD, and VA

Postsecondary Education Outcome Measures: ED, DOD, and VA
Postsecondary Education Outcome Measures: ED, DOD, and VA
Consistent with Executive Order 13607: Establishing Principles of Excellence and Public Law 112-249: Improving Transparency of Education Opportunities for Veterans, the United States Departments of Education, Veterans Affairs, and Defense have worked together to identify outcome measures that will provide information on available educational programs to support informed decision making about educational choices, especially as they relate to Veterans and service members. This effort was guided by the following set of questions:
  • What does a Veteran or service member need to know when choosing a school?
  • What do agencies, congressional leaders and key stakeholders need to know about the effectiveness of educational benefit programs?
  • How do Veterans and service members perform in different educational programs? 
  • Is there variability in outcomes across institutions for different types of students? 
  • How do affordability and outcomes vary across institutions?
A set of outcome measures are proposed to capture important information on students’ experiences during school, upon completion of a degree or certificate, and post-graduation using existing administrative data.  An additional set of outcome measures that require additional analysis and in some cases data from additional data systems have been identified for further exploration. The following chart lists each measure, with a brief definition of the measure, the cohort or population the measure describes, and an indication of the ability to report the measure. Click on the response for NCES under Departments reporting to see an example of existing data reported at the national level. Following the chart, there is a brief discussion of several overarching measurement issues that will help you understand some of the differences in available information from each of the three Departments.
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