Monday, October 13, 2014

12 tech trends Higher Education Cannot afford to Ignore

              12 tech trends Higher Education 

                    Cannot afford to ignore

Higher education faces an onslaught of disruptive forces right now—and ​no one should be suprised to hear that news. Burgeoning technologies such as MOOCs and mobile devices are disrupting institutional structures from the classroom and across entire campuses. As tech transforms these learning environments, universities must decide whether to resist the change or get out in front of it. To choose the latter option, however, we need to envision what universities of the future will look like​if they exist at all
Lev Gonick CIO Case Western Reserve University
Lev Gonick, the VP for information technology services and CIO at Case Western Reserve University and CEO of OneCommunity, isn’t afraid of gazing into the proverbial crystal ball.
In his keynote address Tuesday at the Campus Technology 2013 conference in Boston, Mass., Gonick laid out his vision for the future higher ed and campus IT. Read More . . . . . . . . 

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