Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Right Here, Right Now

There are more students attending college than ever before. To ensure that all of these students are following through on their education, parents are finding innovative ways to stay involved.
csMentor was recently highlighted on Inside Higher Ed, a Washington DC born, web-based program that brings together video mentoring and connections between students and their parents to promote quality communication.

After dropping traditional students off at college for their freshman year, parents will not receive the
high school feedback they are used to from their students’ universities. Although many schools ask students to sign waivers to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) so that they may share grade and advising information, there are limitations for parents to be involved in their students’ academic careers. csMentor takes the approach of engaging students and parents before the big first day and continuing conversations as students make their way through the semester. The program invites users to watch brief videos and respond to multiple choice questionnaires that help to identify how things are going academically and socially. This information allows students and parents to have meaningful conversations about adjusting to college life. Work with the College Success Foundation has expanded the use of the paid services to a group of low income students at no cost to learn more about its capabilities to support student retention.

So this addresses parent and student conversations, but are there similar opportunities to share information between students and instructors or advisors? The interest our team has grossed in collaboration with academic partners for the Instructional Decision Support System (IDSS) includes individuals and institutions who believe that there are ways to use student personality information to improve classroom experiences.

Other than dash-boarding student personality information and personal responses to questionnaires, how can we use assessment data, right here, right now to support personalized learning and student retention in higher education?

Becky Yannes, AEFIS Team

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